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Kellogg's Global Politics

A podcast about international news and US foreign policy


In this episode, Anita had the pleasure of speaking to Sameer Lalwani, a senior expert on South Asia at the U.S. Institute of Peace on India’s Foreign Policy. We touched on topics ranging from how India would likely respond to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan to technological and defense cooperation between the U.S. and India. We also discussed the importance of the U.S. - India alliance with respect to strategic competition with China and the problematic nature of India’s relationship with Russia.


First, however, we react to last night’s televised Presidential Debate between President Biden and Former President Trump. Focusing on foreign policy topics, we cover what each side said and their potential impact on Americans and U.S. global standing.

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Husband and wife team, Dr. Anita and Ryan Kellogg, take on the latest international news and events with their lively discussions and occasional debates on these issues. 

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