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Kellogg's Global Politics

A podcast about international news and US foreign policy


On this episode, Anita interviews Dawn Murphy, an Associate Professor of the National Security Strategy at the US National War College, who specializes in research on China and the Global South. We talk about China’s Belt and Road Project, its relationships in the Middle East, and China’s use of multilateral organizations.


We begin the episode by talking about the recent Turkish elections, where hopes were high for the opposition to oust the autocratic President Erdogan. As the country heads to a runoff, what are the odds of the opposition succeeding?


Biden is currently at the G7 meeting in Japan, but will cut the rest of the trip short to deal with the debt crisis at home. What does this say about US commitments in the Pacific and the confidence of these nations in dealing with the United States?

New Episodes

Husband and wife team, Dr. Anita and Ryan Kellogg, take on the latest international news and events with their lively discussions and occasional debates on these issues. 

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