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About the Show

We won’t lie, things look bad. Like really bad. Pandemic, democracy in retreat, climate change. While it seems bleak looking around the world, we’re here with you to break down global headlines in an approachable way to make sense of it all and find that ray of hope. 


Join your hosts, Dr. Anita Kellogg and Ryan Kellogg, as they guide you through some of the most complex topics and stories in international affairs and foreign policy.

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Hosts Dr. Anita and Ryan Kellogg

Husband and wife team take on the latest international news and events with their lively discussions and occasional debates on these issues. Having grown up in red states in conservative families, the Kelloggs bring their unique perspective living in multiple countries overseas and subject expertise in their chosen fields. Join us for a conversation that began in South Korea and continues through the present day.

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Anita is currently a Brzezinski Fellow at the Foreign Policy Institute of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Her research delves deeper into the commercial peace theory by examining how businesses influence national security policymaking. 

Her research and love of experiencing diverse cultures have resulted in years of living and conducting research in East Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Anita received her Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of California, Los Angeles, with a focus on International Relations and Quantitative Methods. She also has Masters degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Amsterdam.

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Ryan has 18 years’ experience in the energy industry working as an engineer, financial analyst, and manager. Most of his focus has been on upstream oil and gas development which has allowed him to work in the Netherlands, Nigeria, and throughout the US during his career.

He's currently interested in energy transition technologies that will allow US O&G producers to reduce emissions and make use of the sector's unique skillsets for sustainable energy development. 

Ryan received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering and B.A. in International Business from North Carolina State University. He also has a M.B.A. from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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